The Cloutology podcast was created by Max Foster, a London-based CNN Anchor & Correspondent, to lift the lid on success and prove that anyone can break through. He speaks to people who have gained clout in a wide range of fields. It came out of his book ‘It’s All About Clout in which he thinks prominent people have in common.

Max’s day job is hosting a the pioneering daily news debate show CNN Talk with Max Foster which is simulcast on CNN International and Facebook. He expertly moderates a panel of guests and brings in viewer comments from all around the world. He also hosts the London edition of the newscast ‘CNN Newsroom.’

Max has played a pivotal role in CNN’s international coverage, often anchoring live from the scene of major breaking news including the wave of terror attacks that struck Europe from 2015 to 2017 and special events including the marriage of Prince Harry to Meghan Markle at Windsor Castle in 2018.

He has interviewed everyone from Donald Trump to Taylor Swift, Prince William, Prince Charles, Queen Margrethe of Denmark, Diddy, David Cameron, Tony Blair, Dolly Parton, George Lucas, Amitabh Bachchan, Michael Cain, Judy Dench, Julie Andrews, Elton John and business leaders including Apple’s Steve Jobs, Microsoft’s Bill Gates, BP’s Bob Dudley and Tom Enders of Airbus.

Prior to joining CNN, he was a Business Reporter and Presenter for the BBC, most notably with World Service radio and BBC Breakfast TV.

Max's approachable yet authoritative style has made him one of CNN’s most popular faces and speakers. He has presented and moderated at major conferences for the United Nations and World Travel Market as well as more intimate events for Google, London Business School, The Elders and Victoria and Albert Museum.

Max also holds masterclasses in news anchoring for CNN’s international affiliates and he mentors aspiring reporters through the Media Trust charity.

To book Max as a speaker or moderator, please contact the London Speaker Bureau, Raise the Bar or Leading Authorities.

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Bonnie Greer, playwright

Bonnie Greer is an American-British playwright, novelist and critic, known for Siren Spirits (1995), White Men Are Cracking Up (1996) and Horizon (1964). She’s a Verity Bargate Award winner, was named as one of the 300 Public Intellectuals in the UK by the Observer in 2010 and appointed as an officer of the British Empire by The Queen.

She has served as deputy chair of the British Museum and on the boards of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, London Film School and Theatre Royal. She was Chancellor of Kingston University and continues to be a regular contributor to a wide range of news and arts programming.  

She lives in London’s West End but grew up on the South Side of Chicago, the eldest of seven children next to the railway dreaming of what it would be like to get on board and see the world. 

Here, she describes to Max how she’s driven by her fear of being ‘phoney’ which is rooted in her father’s experience of living under segregation in Mississippi.

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Nina Schick, political advisor

Iain Dale, broadcaster