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Njoki Njehu, activist

Activist, educator and feminist: Njoki Njehu is co-founder of Daughters of Mumbi Global Resource Center, the coordinator of the Fight Inequality Alliance and has worked with many of the world’s leading NGOs. She has testified three times before the U.S. Congress on debt, HIV/AIDS and other crises facing Africa.

She’s based in Nairobi, Kenya where she was brought up by a mother who farmed and father who bought and sold cars. Her local church awarded her with a scholarship to study in the United States, kick-starting her career. She has been profiled and quoted in media ranging from the New York Times and Washington Post to the Financial Times and Sankei Shimbun. She is a highly sought after speaker.

Hear, Njoki tells Max that her fear is failing to build on the progress made by the campaigners who went before her, most notably her mother.

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