About the Author

Max Foster is a CNN anchor and reporter based in London with nearly thirty years’ experience in broadcasting. He hosts the global debate show 'CNN Talk with Max Foster' which appears on CNN InternationalFacebook and iTunes. He also anchors the London edition of the newscast 'CNN Newsroom.'  

Max has played a pivotal role in CNN’s coverage of major world events, often on location and has interviewed influential leaders and trail blazers from Donald Trump and Steve Jobs to Taylor Swift. He is also CNN’s Royal Correspondent and London Correspondent. He led the network's reporting on the UK ‘Brexit’ referendum and his royal exclusives include interviews with The Duke of Cambridge, The Prince of Wales and The Queen of Denmark.  

Max is a speaker and moderator for various international bodies, including the United Nations. He runs masterclasses in news anchoring for CNN affiliates around the world.

He's always been fascinated by success and what defines it. His conclusion: it's all about clout, and that's what this blog was set up to explore.

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